Video tutorial explaining how to prepare/convert Genesis files for Poser? Somebody make one please.

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I try reading the tutorials but I understand better If I can see what is going on in vid tutorials. Can Daz or somebody please make a vid tutorial on this? I'm sure there are a lot of people who don't fully understand the written documentation and want to convert some items of their own. I'm a visual person and understand better with visual aid. When I read I just get confused, specially with multiple steps. I think I have a disability:(

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    I can't do a video, but here's a shortened text version for clothing items. (I love your heavy face morphs I bought and have the veins in my wishlist.)

    1. Install all the DSON files and the Genesis Starter Essentials core to an independent runtime and map to it from DAZ and PP2012 (or P9). Make sure you have SR3.
    2. Finish item in DS 4.5.
    3. Select the item. Go to Scene Tab and right-click and choose "create Poser DSON files" or whatever it's exactly called.
    4. In the bottom section, choose "figure-cr2" instead of the metadata option if you're making clothes. Tell it to export to the drive location of your new runtime with supplemental DAZ Clothing/YourName/YourItem.
    5. Start up PP2012 and try loading and conforming it.
    6. Flail around swearing when it inflates huge or parts of it are invisible.
    7. Go back and fiddle with face groups to make sure all the bones are assigned to one. Memorize figure rigging in the build tab. Resave to library.
    8. Delete all the DSON files you made before from the new runtime and recreate them. Test again.
    9. Flail around swearing some more.
    10. Repeat steps 5-9 until things actually work.

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    Cool Thanks for the shortened version. O there is no Guarentee this works first time? sigh.....and thanks for your support. I got your SY Small Wraps 01 G as soon as it came out..Been looking so long for something like that for Genesis:)

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    Well, I assume eventually we'll get good enough at it to get it right on try 1.

    We should trade sometime! I barter with quite a few vendors. :-)

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