Poser 9 character in DAZ Studio

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Lately i've tested some character created for Poser 9, new rigging system, in DAZ 3 and DAZ 4.5, They are loaded pretty cool, and morphs works, but when i try to load a pose the geometry will be broken.
There's a way to use a Poser 9 character in DAZ? A sort of DSon importer?


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    If they don't have an alternate legacy rig, it would probably need them to be completely re-rigged with either that or a Studio-format weight-mapped rig.

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    But, in this case, i will lost all morh.

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    Is there anything in the works to transfer P9 figures into DS & have them work properly? Or is this going to be a one-way street?

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    Poser characters traditionally are not as remotely popular as DAZ's characters, so I'm not sure there would ever be enough demand to make a conversion worth anyone's time.

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    ssgbryan said:
    You can convert a Poser9/2012 weight-mapped figure to a traditionally rigged character in about 20 minutes.

    Once you have the figure in Poser, open the joint editor and change the weight maps to spherical zones.

    Save the figure & your done.

    You might want to go to the Cararra forum - somebody got Anastasia working in Cararra a while back.

    As far as something like DSON for Poser, I would recommend asking over on the Poser Forum at RNDA - I doubt SM is monitoring this forum.

    Conversion to regular rigging kind of defeats the purpose of why I want to import the figure into DS. I'll check out the RDNA forum to see if anything like this is being discussed. I have the feeling that any conversions will be done by a user rather than SM or DAZ3D

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