Info on DAZ 4 database structure

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A while back, I wrote a utility that converts the category information in the D|S 3 content database to a format that can be used in the Poser content library's Favorites folder. This allows me to maintain identical content views between the two applications, and makes it easy to find said content between the two applications.

I'd like to upgrade the utility to work with the D|S 4 content database, but the new database schema does not contain the information I need in an easy to understand format. I expect that I would need to scan the tblCategories, tblCategoriesContent, tblContent and tblContendFolders tables to find the information I'm looking for, but the tables contain fields such as fldCategoryLookUp, fldPathLookup, etc. that (probably) contain the information that I am looking for, in an encoded format.

Is there any information available regarding the new database schema, especially with regards to the format of the encoded fields?



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    The lookup fields are what they say, they are for quicker look up. They are either guids or bit shifted values of ids. They are auto-calculated data not set directly so you don't need to set them, just read them or use them in searching.

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