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Which Is Your Favorite Daz or Poser Dragon

JohnDelaquioxJohnDelaquiox Posts: 1,095
edited November 2012 in The Commons

How is everyone one today I am fine. A bit tired because I spent most of last night up till 3:30 hanging out with some family and a Blind Guitarist while simultaneously playing Assassins Creed 3.

I am kind of brain dead today and am trying to finish a new render and I am in need of a Dragon a Winged one preferably. So I wanted to pop in and see which is YOUR Favorite Dragon.

I am going to start with mine. Unfortunately my favorite dragons are not studio compatible but they still look amazing. Swidhelm's Skywyrm and Skywyrm Bull. That thing just looks nasty.

Other two favorites are the Sub Dragon from Daz and the old school Wyvern 2. Mestophales put out his Dragon recently, I have not had a chance to buy it but I really like the look of it. It looks like one of my board game dragons or a dragon statue. I probably should have bought that thing on sale. Oh well maybe over the holidays. Mestophales if you are reading this I would really like to see a nice mount for it.

So again if you have any particular favorites post them here. Also if you have any dragon renders feel free to post them as well.

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