13597_Victoria5Genitalia_1.3 vs 13497_GenesisFemaleGenitalia_1.5

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I have Daz Studio 4.5 and I have this products 13597_Victoria5Genitalia_1.3 and 13497_GenesisFemaleGenitalia_1.5 installed, but I can't find Victoria5Genitalia, only GenesisFemaleGenitalia.

What's the difference between both and where can I find V5Genitalia?


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    I may be wrong, but as I understand it when S5 came out they got rid of V5 genitalia and changed it into Genesis Female Genitalia. Both S5 and V5 use the same piece now.

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    Oh, why is that appear me two times the same icon?

    Then if both is the same, I can delete one. Right?

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