Install Order for new DSON files?

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Ok, so I am downloading all the Genesis stuff that has DSON support and am wondering which files I need to load and which order I need to load them. The extentions are

Poser Companion, Legacy, DSON Core, trx

Now I've installed these files before, but have to reinstall stuff for DSON support. Can I just get away with Poser Companion and DSON? Do I also need to re-install the trx metadata and legasy files? These are not zips, they are installers.

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    You will need the DSON Core if the content doesn't already have.duf files in the library; if it does you won't. The legacy files are for DS 4.0 and earleir and can be ignored if you have 4.5. Essentially you need the DSON Core, if you don't already have it, and the Companion files, both in places available to Poser.

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    Thanks! That answers my question right there. :)


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