My First Shopping Experience on the New site



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    OK. Decided to give the shop another go with the new freebie Hover Tank. This experience was only marginally less aggravating than the first. When I clicked the buy button the page hiccuped and came back with someone else's wishlist shown. At least this time I got a message that actually told me the product was in my cart. Didn't have that last time. Since someone else's wishlist was showing at the top of the page, I was a bit sceptical that the item was indeed in MY cart. It was. Went through the process (still wondering why there are four instances of my address, and why DAZ needs my address at all since they aren't mailing me anything). A bit stressful still, but not as bad in all as the last time. Wading through the various files to find the one I need is still poop. Also, not knowing how large the files are is most annoying to us folks with limited bandwidth.

    Yes, I already know that these are known issues, Just posting to show there has been some (not very much) progress since the last time I 'bought' something here. Still not spending real money, but I am gaining a little more confidence (again, not very much).

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