Creating a new character using freeware

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I found this article earlier:

It's a primer on how to create a 3D character for Daz, either V4 or M4, using Daz, The GIMP, a photo of your subject, and a suitable texture base.

It doesn't look too difficult, and I'd like to experiment with it, but I'm having trouble finding a good "generic" V4 texture base. The article says to look in the free section at Renderosity, but search results are pretty daunting, numbering in the thousands - I've no real idea what to get except that it should be a good generic texture capable of basing characters of varying ethnicities and face/body types on.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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    Ecstasy has two nice free merchant resources with malicethecat at Rendo. Individual textures are small, but they're good as a base to start from when enlarging and adding your own details.

    Here is her free stuff page. They're called 7 V4 Skin Bases and 7 V4 Skin Bases 2.

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