Having problems saving in new daz compared to old 4.0

Since people can't seem to get what I am saying I've included a piture walkthrough of what my problem is.


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    Heres some more pics.

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    Heres the rest.

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    You need to save as a Pupeteer preset. Scene does not save those settings.

    EDIT: You are 100% correct. It is broken in I've not tried 4.5.16 yet.

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    Jaderail said:
    You need to save as a Pupeteer preset. Scene does not save those settings.

    EDIT: You are 100% correct. It is broken in I've not tried 4.5.16 yet.

    This is the new version I am using. I think theres a problem when loading I think when it says clearing scene when it loads is whats causing the problem.

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    ah,, yes. you can not save "any character FBMvalue changing" by puppetier preset even if you saved it as pupetter preset,
    when you apply each value to each dot, you can check it. but after you save it as pupetter preset,or scene
    and apply it new genesis, every dot tunn to zero shape genesis.

    when first ds 4.5 released (beta ver) I tried samething and report .
    other men said samethings .(about each we change something ,, I firsttry pozing and morph at same time.
    it can work when I edit, but after save , the each dot body morph value cleared.

    it seems, usuall about daz 4.5 and pupetter. (daz do not recognize, it is bug,,)

    I did not clearly remember ds 4.0 can save the change of FBMmorph value in pupetter layer or scene file,
    but it hoped to be saved . ( there seems many posibillity,, if we can mix any morph and poze
    animation by pupetter, andsaved it as layer,, ,, )

    I do not remember about all ds beta or version of 4. and 4.5
    but now in ds4.5 newest ver can not save the FBM value animation as pupetter preset.

    (So need to request in mantis, I think . now daz do not announce much about pupetter .)

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    Hi ,,,thank you much shadowl,, you can make me try again to save FBM pupetter,,
    and I can find way!!

    yes,,, they change something,, so I forget they keep other way to save putpetter preeset,,,

    we can save it,,,

    if you save
    topmenu>save as>deprecated(bottom of menu,,,)>pupetter preset>(dsa,dsb)

    it can work!!! I saved two type pupetter preset, as dsf , and as dsa

    only dsa pupetter preset can keep the FBM change (you can mix too!)

    I can not understand why daz name it as deprecated,,
    though it can only work?

    maybe some person understand it, so they save it as dsa pupetter preset,
    if they hope,, but ,,, why daz do not teach us more clearly about theire file save option?

    who know it,,only dsa work but duf can not work,,

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    I get it. But it should save morphs, because you can save face morphs on the Gen4 figures to get expressions. They need to fix the save load feature of Puppeteer to handle Genesis morphs. It's not useful as is.

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    Hi jaderail,,

    I do not think clearly how to use is best about pupetter,,

    if save the pupetter layer as pupetter.dsa preset,, ,at least,, they can save the layer, with keeping morphs shape
    about each dot.and can apply it on genesis.

    when save,, duf pupetter preset,,they can keep expression moprhs layer about genesis,,

    I think ,,if expression is categorized as poze controller of head node,,and it can apply
    other character only expression layer, so DAZ keep it , and do not care about FBM?

    usually, if I made animation by character, it is better not change shape hardly without intention,
    apply pozing or expression layer for sub timeline may need . if I apply saved FBM layer,, the character changed
    perfectly,, but I think it need,, to save the FBM as duf preset too it there is any special reason.

    anyway,,, I can mix expression, and FBM layer,, (I tried it,, saved duf, and saved dsa,,
    and new scene. load genesis then, load dsa (saved FBM layer) and duf (saved expression)
    but not tried just save each layer as dsa,,

    then I have only few knowledge,, about each parts of body pozing, andFBM and expression,
    how mix each layer and saved them . hope it work as I want,,,

    I really hope,, DAZ more anounce or make good tutorial,, about pupetter usage,,(it may be more efficent when use with animate plug in
    ds 4.5 and genesis. and update pupetter please,,,

    if pupetter updated,, and I can understand clearly how to use well,I think it need not as free items,,

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    Kit, what I am saying is this. I am saving as a DUF so the Genesis Morphs should save in the Puppeteer Preset. I should not need to SAVE genesis as a Preset and use it as a second target pose. I can use Puppeteer to MORPH M4 to F4 and save that preset and it works without jumping through any hoops or extra steps. Genesis is supposed to be easier to use not Harder. In my eyes Puppeteer is BROKE as far as Genesis is concerned. Until I can just load Genesis then Morph Genesis and save the preset. Shut down my PC come back Load genesis load my preset and it work 100% it is not working. I can do it on the Timeline all day long, but Puppeteer fails every time. It is not working as it should, I'm done with it. I'll do things another way for now.

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    I do not know how pupetter worked about V4 or m4,
    but I can only use pupetter as it is now with genesis.

    of course if pupetter broke or missing a lot about genesis, I hope to remove the problem.

    then I just tell what I can do with break? pupetter and genesis.

    edit each dot with mixing some morph shape. how I want and update each dot.

    save the layer as pupettere preset .dsa ,(not duf preset, or not duf scene files or, morphs)
    then shut down DS , load genesis. select genesis,
    load saved pupetter preset. now I can use the pupetter layer with FBM morph cahnge.

    I recorded easy animation (just change the genesis shape as I move around dot and record it
    as timeline.

    save it as duf scene file.shut down ds and open the saved scene.

    it is funny because tthe scene open the layer of pupetter (there are same dot arrangement,and same layer)
    but the pupetter layer do not memorize any shape morph value as each dot. it can not work.

    on the other hand,, the timeline keep the body change animation . now in ds 4.5

    and if I load pupettere preset again, the each dot memorized the morph value.
    so I can make new animation again by saved layer, and record again If I hope.
    (maybe duf scene file can save the timeline animation, so now it can save it)

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    Okay, so just using the timeline brings it all back after one run on timeline, I'll try this. GOOD tip.

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    In 4.0 version you were able to do that just load a figure do your morphs or whatever you were going to do and just save it as a scene. When you reloaded it everything was there and you could just pick up where you left off. Now you have to go through hoops just to do that very time consuming and quite frankly not very logical. Whoever decided to do it this way needs to rethink the term ease of use, becuase clearly they forgot about it.

    Quite frankly they have lost a customer who spends some cash on their product for the time being, I will resume when they have fixed the problem.

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    HI thank you jaderlail. I can not clearly all what you want and did with pupetter,timeline before,,
    so I can say just what I could only ^^;

    I summaraize,

    1a) about ds timeline can record the pupettier animation with full body morphs value of genesis
    and when save the scene as duf, timeline remain each keyframe with the morph shape.

    1b) you can make mixFBM animation without pupettier,
    mix each morph and create each key frame. if save it as scene.
    timeline remain each keyframes with the morph shape.(about ds

    2 if I want to reuse the pupettier layer with FBM , I must save the pupettier layer as
    topmenu>save as>deprecated(bottom of menu,,,)>pupetter preset(dsa,dsb)

    saved pupettier preset as duf, or saved duf scene file can not save the pupettier layer
    with the morph shape assigned on each dots.

    (but duf preset file and duf scene file can save the poze controller>expression value about each dot,
    it is just strange. anyway FBM can not, expression OK.)

    thaks much,, for this topic,, I could lern a few things about pupettier and timeline with FBM ^^;

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