Latest best way to get Genesis from Daz 4.5 pro into Poser 2012?

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I've read a few articles about this but I'm not sure what's still current. DSON has arrived but as I understand, it's only useful for new DSON optimised content. The old way was to use .CR2 exporter in Daz. Adding to the confusion I read somewhere if you have Daz 4.5 yo don't need DSON.

So... just what is now the latest, best way to get Genesis content from Daz 4.5 pro working in Poser 2012?



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    Use DSON, and DS 4.5

    DSON only works with DS 4.5 and yes you need DSON and DS 4.5

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    Ok, maybe here's where I got confused. "DSON Compatible Products" actually means all Genesis items?

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    I think so... I'm new to this too. Here's what I get from it ... so far... and the good news is, if I'm wrong someone will come correct me.

    First, for sure, you need the Poser DSON importer installed to your Poser directory. You should also install the new genesis files to your genesis content file. Once there, any genesis "figure" installed will load into Poser as long as there are DSON companions installed ... from what I gather... anywhere. (haven't quite figured that part out yet, but apparently the companions just need to be installed "somewhere").

    Edit: Then, for sure, you have to add that content runtime to your Poser runtime if you haven't already.

    Now, more about those DSON companions. Either you can download them from Daz, if the creator has created them, or apparently, if you own the latest Daz Studio, you can export them yourself. I haven't actually gotten to the point where I have created any companion files. But I have installed the genesis files and have found that all the morphs (including my genx morphs) are available when I load genesis in Poser.

    Hope that helps get you started.


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    I have already made quite a few companion files because I didn't want to wait for them. It's fairly simple after you learn the required steps.
    You will also have to bring P9/PP2012 up to Service Release 3.1 for DSON to work properly. Poser 9 users will have to set their library to external to avoid certain problems.

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    Thanks both. The above will probably make more sense to me when i go read up on and install DSON and i encounter the various things you are referring to.


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