How Is Content Creator Toolkit Upgrade different than just the toolkit?

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The description is the same for the toolkit and the upgrade. I got the upgrade when it was on sale as I figured I could always use it later. But the description for the upgrade said it required "Advanced Figure Setup Tools" but then it says essentially go back to the Toolkit upgrade.
Annoying to say the least. So what is the difference in the toolkit and the upgrade- what does the upgrade have differently? WHATS INCLUDED AND FEATURES are identical for both.

* Non ‘user properties’ are properties that exist by default in DAZ Studio; such as transform properties (rotation, translation, scale) and feature controlling properties (visible, selectable, bend, shadows, etc) Link for PDF for Figure Setup Tools Figure Setup Tools User Guide This product is not for use with DAZ Studio 4. DAZ Studio 4 users should look at the Content Creation Toolkit or the Content Creation Toolkit Upgrade: Content Creation Toolkit Content Creation Toolkit Upgrade


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    I hate to tell you but all the tools are built into DS4.5 now. The only one you might need to buy is Decimator.

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    No, that's good to know and what I suspected when I saw the descriptions were the same. I just wanted to be sure I was within the 30 days to get my money back (and even if I'm not, I'm demanding it. The description needs to state it is included in the 4.5 version. So glad I posted this so others would know anyway. I KNEW you'd know the answer :) (PS, I am the person who asked those 20 questions, I just changed my user name a few weeks ago. Tis me!)

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    They leave them in the store for DS3 and DS3A users, but you are correct it should say so in the info.

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