Copy objects, props, figures from one scene to another ?

Is it possible to copy an objects, props, figures from one scene to another scene either in the same Daz app or into another open Daz app on the same computer?


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    NO. LOL

    The only way you can do it is by using the" Save As Scene Subset" and then "Merge" that with your new scene.

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    you don't actually have to use the "merge" function, you can just navigate to where you saved the scene subset and load it like any other figure/prop in the content manager

    I'm doing a bunch of vehicle conversions and found that the only way to save everything properly is to use scene subset (multiple objects parented to a main obj then setting origins & limits on certain rotations for wheels, doors, etc.)

    BTW, you can also use the merge function to merge a saved scene with a new one, but you will probably need to delete the parts you don't want in the new one.

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    Thanks! That Scene SubSet is pretty cool.

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