Fixing the unnecessary tabs on the individual item pages

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Early on I wrote a script for Chrome and Firefox (with the Greasemonkey extension installed) which fixes the wishlist.

I finally got tired of the tabbed behavior of the item pages, and fixed that; I've updated the script to do both things now.

It's available at I've attached a before and after picture, so you can see what it does. (I've resized them to 700px wide, as per forum rules.)

I hope this makes life a little easier for other folks; remember, you have to be running Chrome or Firefox (with Greasemonkey if Firefox) to use the script.

-- Morgan


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    This is awesome , interesting and wonderful!

  • Pax AsteriaePax Asteriae Posts: 0
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    You are a hero, thank you for this! It works beautifully!

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    Bless you, good sir. This is precisely what I didn't know I wanted. *grins*

  • ledheadledhead Posts: 1,586
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    Now if DAZ would only realize that is the way we would prefer it, with no tabs

  • Super NewbSuper Newb Posts: 0
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    Hey! Very cool!
    Works flawlessly. In Chrome it installs in a second, and then -just- WORKS! Great stufff, Thank You very much.

    EDIT: Now, if you can just make a script to let me buy stuff at the price advertised on the site, I could start shopping again... ;-)

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  • VaskaniaVaskania Posts: 5,922
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    Thank you for this! The wishlist changes look good, too (I'm assuming moving the pricing and reformatting it was yours?).

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    Thanks. Works beautifully in Firefox

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  • islandgurl31islandgurl31 Posts: 0
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    Thank you so much for this gem :-).

  • GhostofMacbethGhostofMacbeth Posts: 876
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    Thanks, I have to see if I can figure this out. I hate the tabs. Very useless.

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 8,012
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    Thanks so much! WOOT! Tabs are stupid for this sort of thing so thanks for fixing this for many of us!

    GoM... very easy. If your using Firefox just go here:

    Install greasemonkey. Then follow the link above to install the script to fix the tabs and wishlist... VERY easy!

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