Flat colours in Carrara

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How do I render an object so that it looks completely flat in Carrara
I'd like to create the same effect I asked about in this question regarding Daz studio 4.5

any help would be appreciated

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    - In Scene/Filters add "Toon! part III". Edit and set Shadow to white and "Line Effect" to 0%.
    - Or, if you own Carrara Pro, got to the Output tab in the Render room and add "Material Diffuse" in "Multi Pass".
    Render in both cases as usual with the photorealistic renderer.

    - In "Toon! part II", set also "Shadow Size" and "Highlight Size" to 0%.

    Both methods render also a texture in the color channel of a shader. If you needed a plain color, you would have to replace "Texture Map" by "Color" in every shader that's visible in the render...

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