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Wizard scenes not found

laynemoorelaynemoore Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in Carrara Discussion

Bought Carrara 8 Pro for Mac OSX (Beta 8,5 version). When I go to file / open preset, it displays: Wizard scenes not found. Install the Wizard scenes from the application CD to access them."

Downloaded online, of course, so no application CD to speak of. In the myriad of possible downloads I find nothing that references wizard scenes on the my downloads page. What do I need to install to make this work?


  • 3DAGE3DAGE Posts: 2,847
    edited December 1969

    HI laynemoore
    Welcome :)

    The 8.5 beta isn't available for sale yet, .. since it's still in development.

    The 8.1 is probably what you Bought , if you bought it here at Daz3D.

    The Beta of 8.5 is only supplied as the base program, for testing,. so the Wizards, which are included in a separate "Carrara Native Content" installer, don't come with the beta,. .

    If you've just bought Carrara, then the Carrara Native Content installer, should be include in your "My Account" / "Available downloads"
    You may also have several pages of downloads, since you'll get a bunch of Bonus files, plus the current 8.5 Beta files.

    The current beta is set to time out on November 1,.
    so, you may want to hold off until there's either a New beta version, or a new beta serial number to extend the life of the current beta.

    hope that makes sense :)

  • rk66rk66 Posts: 228
    edited December 1969


    You need the "". This zip included the wizards.


  • Rook056Rook056 Posts: 16
    edited December 1969

    I had a similar problem. My fix was to verify content was installed, and when I wanted to open it, I had to manually load the file. I ended refering to the installation web page that gives the description and paths for the folders. Some of my content ranges from C6 to C8, so I tolerate this issue.

  • k3-2305369k3-2305369 Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    rk66 said:
    You need the "". This zip included the wizards.

    !!! That does not appear on that page as a live link! Just text!!! How do I actually download it?

    Using Safari 6.0.5, MacOS 10.7.5.
    same problem under Chrome 27.

  • rk66rk66 Posts: 228
    edited December 1969

    in your account > Product Library.


    960 x 704 - 65K
  • k3-2305369k3-2305369 Posts: 0
    edited July 2013

    Thank you, that worked. But sure would be nice if those things that appeared to be links on actually were.

    Sad that it isn't install manager ready. I declare, I'm really not sure what that Install Manager is for. It showed me things I never heard of and don't need, and it didn't show me my core product Carrara 8 when I was having trouble downloading it. What good is that?? Make it dish up the really important stuff first!

    And by the way, that little blue question mark beside Install Manager Ready isn't live. ???

    Post edited by k3-2305369 on
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