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Anyone know where I can find this plant (for Poser)?

jorge dorlandojorge dorlando Posts: 1,013
edited December 1969 in The Commons

this plant in the picture, and I do not remember where I saw the.
I can not remember where, do not know if it was a 3d model for poser, or if it was just a footage.
She looks like a thistle, but it is not garden plant, do not.
if anyone has any information ... please!!!


  • araneldonaraneldon Posts: 701
    edited December 1969

    If Lisa B has made a dandelion I can't find it in the store here. Have you tried googling "dandelion 3d model"? I hesitate to post any links because all the sites I found after a quick scan look more or less iffy.

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,934
    edited December 1969

    That looks like the seed head for a dandelion. At RDNA there is a set of wildflowers which includes a dandelion

    And just dandelions at renderosity

  • jorge dorlandojorge dorlando Posts: 1,013
    edited December 1969

    Ahh, good!! So the name is dandelion!!
    honestly, the way I was looking for, would never find (despite that, I did not even know by what name search).
    when I was a kid playing a lot with this plant, I like to blow it, but for us it was just a bush that grew between the plantations, we called this brush head grandpa.
    Thanks for the help, because from the name (dandelion) both cited, I found 3d model, and also countless footage.
    thanks for the help.

  • Eustace ScrubbEustace Scrubb Posts: 2,132
    edited December 1969

    Either dandelion or milkweed: distinctly different plants, but similar. Both have seed heads like that.

    There's a free one at if you'd like.

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