Poseable Stick Figure?

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I'm trying to find a simple stick figure I could pose in 3d--just something with correct proportions, for checking poses to sketch from. I've been using the Michael and Victoria figures for the same thing every so often, but I really don't want a full human figure for everything--I find myself relying too much on copying the structure, or else having to specifically ignore it if it's the wrong build, and so on and so forth.

I think there's something along these lines that comes in Poser, but poser isn't in my budget--especially for the sake of this one thing.

Help would be lovely if anyone knows of one!


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    what about the stick guy from 3D Universe

    and it's free


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    with a cream (or no) texture, it makes a great mannequin for a clothes store or something,

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    If you mean something like an artist's Posing mannequin, there's one that comes automatically in Poser as part of its legacy content. Otherwise, why not just use one of the figures that comes in the program? That'll help with both male and female proportions.

    Also, make sure you have the camera (in either DS or Poser) set to a viewing angle that matches your drawing - too wide, and you end up with a fish-eye lens of Jack Kirby art, too narrow and it's got no distance scaling at all...

    Edit: Ahah, i see. Well, I think someone made one for DS, but the best option might actually be using the m4 skeleton or the like.

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