Request for a 1-Day PA Genesis Catch-Up Sale

andolaurinaandolaurina Posts: 559
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DAZ, PA Artists & Fellow Poser 9/2012 users,

Who is game for a PA catch-up sale?? :D

We Poser users had no idea (well, at least most of us didn't!) that DAZ would be releasing Poser DSON compatibility for Genesis so soon after the PA sale, so we didn't scoop up the Genesis PA goodness.

I'd like to suggest that there be a one-day (or longer) PA catch-up sale in November of Genesis items (50% off or more) so that Poser folks can grab some Genesis items and PAs can grab some extra coinage. I know all of it isn't DSON compatible yet, but most of us can either (1) make it that way or (2) be patient while you do. :p Or it could be in December so you all have a chance to convert more?



  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 11,556
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    I would love this! Good suggestion!

  • earth2dearth2d Posts: 0
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    Good idea!!

  • edited December 1969

    Its got my vote

  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,846
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    I'd be more for it if I had gotten around to converting my stuff. I am betting I am not the only one who hasn't had a chance or gotten them back through QA.

  • andolaurinaandolaurina Posts: 559
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    Hopefully DAZ will do it. Otherwise, November might be bland. (Although I'm still rooting for Thorne's teens this month.)

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