Help with Victoria Pony Tail Collection

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I purchased the first version of VC Ponytail

Then I purchased the Ultimate Chaning Ponytail

Installed in the above order (twice), went to PoserFormats / My Lib/Figures /Poseable Hair

3 Icons

VC Pony Tail Hair -> Load a hair base, no problems
VCPC (Vicki 1) -> Load a hair base, look the same as above
VCPC Exp (Vicki 1) -> Problem here

It ask for Runtime/Geometrios/Anton s People/VCPC/Scurl.obj and CurledBangs.obj

None of those are in my hard drive

Am I doing something wrong? how is the correct way to configure the ponytails?


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    Look in your ReadMe folder for the product ReadMe and check the file list in there.

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    First : The ultimate Changing Ponytail is a totally separate item from VCPC.

    There is an item in the store called Victoria's Changing Ponytail Expansion Pack

    It looks to me like they have accidentally included a CR2 from the expansion pack.

    I have loaded it in Poser 8 and it can be made to look good.

    But it is an old item and is going to take some work to get it to look good in a modern version of Poser or DS.

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