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Hey guys,

I posted a whole lot of individual posts back on the old forum with my freebies and whatnot in them. Given that the old one is archived and new members to the forums here won't likely be able to find the old forum archives, I'm going to just post the general link to the front door of my website so to speak.

Those of ya'll that are familiar with my stuff know that I have things for pretty much a variety of items and figures. For any new folks who might find the forum though, I'm going to stick a couple of pictures in as attachments...

I know I haven't been very visible the last year or so - I've had a lot of nasty stuff going on - just starting to recover from some of that now - and I am prone to dropping from sight and going to ground when things get rough so that I can handle it. I apologize for not speaking up or letting anyone know.

That said - my website is still there, freebies are still up and downloadable as well. The site is still located here :

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    Thanks! Free M4 textures are not that many and hard to find.

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    Liung's textures were actually created by Unicornst. The texture in the thumbnail is actually a paid one from Daz. So basically his package is in two parts.

    Morphs are under Freebies --> Characters --> LiungM4 (thumbnail will open a new window)
    Textures are under Hosted --> Uniornst --> Liung Textures (thumbnail opens a new window)

    I hope that helps!

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    Lovely freebies, Seliah. Thank you so much! :)

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