bug in carrara 8.5 pro 132 with Everyday 1950 for Genesis Female

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not sure if i should report this to daz tech support as help ticket ... or if the forum is the place (to start)

i've got a problem with "Everyday 1950 for Genesis Female"

the clothing does not adjust to the breasts ... they poke through

in daz 4.5 it works fine

i've tried both in carrara native and loading the .duf file from daz ... both cases the same thing

what i did is:

* load v5 (also tried supermodel)
* added the shirt and sweatshirt from "Everyday 1950 for Genesis Female"

the breast poke through both (i can attach an image but it has nudity in it ... so wasn't sure)
the shirt pokes through the sweatshirt even when the sweatshirt is set to conform to the shirt (which in daz 4.5 works)

also the sweatshirt pokes into the skirt

anybody else have this issue ?
could somebody who has 8.1 installed and the content give it a try ?

it was kind of hoping to be able to use carrara this week to create the image using this weeks pc items :D
but if this isn't fixable then it looks like i need to stick with daz 4.5


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    I have the previous build of Carrara but do not think it matters
    the morphs for most clothes even autofitted appear in Parameters under actor now since my last install of DS4.5 and I do not have the latest of that either.
    I was able adjust the sliders for everything and the little cog wheel at the left increases the limits
    I know that outfit works as I tried it on a baby figure and adjusted parts (not breasts admittedly)

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