Why to render in another 3d program ?

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I see many people using DAZ studio only to create and pose their scenes and than they render them in another programs like 3DsMax or Cinema 4D , my question is why ? how rendering in this programs is different than rendering in DAZ ?

also can I export full scenes saved in duf format to any other 3d program I want for render ?


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    Different products use different render engines/technology plus give different controls over lighting, etc. You can also make use of different material handling in alternate products, all of which can make the final product more to your liking or just plain easier to produce.

    The duf format is (albeit underlying plaintext format) proprietary to DAZ so only those products written/licensed to cope with it would be able to import it. Other export options exist with DAZ which should permit you to find a common format for imprting into another application.

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    thank you for your fast replay :)

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