Store issue, is this happening to others?

Blaine91555Blaine91555 Posts: 148
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This happened to me once before. Nothing in my cart but can't buy an item.


  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 5,274
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    Make sure your logged in, add a new item to the cart in order for it to update properly and you should see Xerr in the cart. Then you can remove the second item.

  • Blaine91555Blaine91555 Posts: 148
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    Thanks so much, I'll try that. I've already tried clearing my cache, cookies and offline stored data which did not help.

  • Blaine91555Blaine91555 Posts: 148
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    That did it. Thanks again.

  • MorpheonMorpheon Posts: 738
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    This happens to me all the time since the store change-over: I log in, add an item to my cart, the page refreshes, and when it comes back up, shows that I have 0 items in my cart. If I try to add the item again, it tells me that I can't add more than 1 copy of an item to the cart. The most reliable "fix" I've found for this is to log out and then log back in, and when you check your cart, you should see the item. DAZ is either unaware of this, or it's not important enough for them to correct it.

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,455
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    DAZ is aware of the issue, but being aware of the issue doesn't immediately make it fixable - especially given that there may be other issues which are less easy to work around.

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