Question; has anyone done a map of Urban Sprawl 2?

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Just recently I was trying to find one of the locations in Urban Sprawl 2 to get a vehicle positioned for a render; I couldn't find the place so I ended up rendering the vehicles in a different location. So, is there a map with all of the shops named? All the named company HQ buildings, streets etc? It would make a great download if someone wants to do something useful for the community and would require no modelling skills, just some time and a large-(ish) render of the place from above loaded into PhotoShop or whatever you elect to use. Sadly I don't have the free time to do this, but I hope someone here does.


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    It may take me a week and some but i'll see what i can squeeze in as i wait for client decisions. This set also seems to be broken into quadrants, ie, NE, NW etc., so i may use that approach and just label an over head rendering

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    Thanks; my own view is that we could do the map in one piece and mark the quadrants on it rather than mapping them separately. I would happily tidy it up nicely if someone has the time to go around and mark all the named buildings and the streets on an overhead render; I'll make a proper map out of it very happily, as I already have the streets laid out for this on a map. The only reason I haven't added the detailed text markers to the map is a lack of time; it's a big job, a tribute to the fact that this set is so big.

    I saw the location I wanted in one of my old renders, but I couldn't find it when I set out to do the new render; it's like being lost trying to find a building in a real town...


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