Getting a setting up a New Computer (runtime) Questions

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I need some advice on transferring my runtimes for both DS4 and Poser 7. I got a new computer last week and I want to install both Poser 7 & DS4 but I’m wondering if I can just copy the runtimes to a flash drive then on to the new computer or do I have to installed each file all over again.

I’m sorry for asking question but this is my 1st time dealing with transferring DS4 files.



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    as long as you map the runtime in Studio and your data files mapped as well Studio should have no problem (I can't speak for Poser 7), so you don't need to re-install runtime, but you should definitely do a clean install of Studio on the new computer.

    You can copy the runtimes over, and you don't need a flash drive and probably want to avoid a flash drive if you have a large runtime and a slow flash drive, if you have a router to network these two computers or a crossover cable (Macs can crossover using standard cables or crossover cables) it's going to be much faster.

    Depending on where you installed your content and/or your OS of choice you may have content in folders spanning your program files, your documents files or other hard drives entirely so dont' delete anything off the older computer. Plus if something is not working on the new computer you can trace the parts on the old one and compare to see if everything is there and in a relatively similar place.

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