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I've installed Daz 4.5 and it's been working fine.

But I built a scene where I merged a bunch of old files together to grab the characters. This worked great. I built the scene just like I wanted it. Then I saved it.

I wanted to do a variation of that scene so I opened the save file. I got a Duplicate ID error (which I've seen before but it's never resulted in any visible problem.)





All of the characters were twisted and broken. Faces shorn from their heads. Their arms and bodies stretched in all directions like they were made from ribbons.

The log file seems to indicate that a bunch of my installed stuff (Gen MFD, B25Ranger,B25FairyTaleDress, ZacHair, etc.) wasn't found properly. I had to re-install Genesis Evolution Morphs. Do I need to re-install EVERYTHING... piece by piece? Or is it only some things? Am I missing something?


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    there are several pattern when you save old file (which mixed many generation imtes, I think
    and about some you arranged by yourself)

    about duplicat ID erroer item, I think it may not actually cause problemes as you konow
    (it is better you reinstall new items if it has been updated for removing duplicate ID erroer,
    or use richard tool for remove duplicate ID erroer)
    but some items (not many) change install path. they remove duplicate ID erroer,
    on the other hand make new foldaname for theri item ^^;

    in this case, if you used the item before, you need reload the
    new installed item again in the scene)

    then about exproded figures scene , basically you just save the exproded scene again,as duf
    then load the scene.duf again. maybe your icons in content library or smartcontent about the scene.duf still broken
    but when you load tne saved.duf the exprosion may be corrected.
    as for me, I correct old scenes by that. then resave and keep as duf.
    (but some case it can not work. .

    new ds 4.5 can not indicate correctly geometry about items.
    if you change path name or delete your items , old daz scene file keep it.

    but new duf format, they turned erroer and your geometry maybe like a bounded box shape.
    about this case, you need to delete it and reload the correct items.

    I know some more case, but it is rare,, (when I used many poze about clothings,and apply some morph
    and use pin tools in the scene, it sometimes happend. but I delete such unusefule every old scene now..
    so I can test them again,,)

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    I had this when I upgraded, it seems to be a compatibility issue with the save formats. backgrounds are fine on mine just the characters are issues. I had to open the old dile(s) and save the characters indidvidually as character presets before deleting them and loading them from the newly created preset. No more troubles. annoying but workable. This is only needed on old save files, scenes created and first saved as DUF are fine regardless.

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    Thanks, y'all.

    I'll give it a shot.

    For the scene I was working on, I just rebuilt it from scratch.

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    Simply resaving the garbled scene should be enough.

  • The Pencil NeckThe Pencil Neck Posts: 154
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    And, indeed, simply re-saving the scene WAS enough!

    Problem solved.

    Thanks, everyone!

  • vip808_e751f31ab6vip808_e751f31ab6 Posts: 17
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    how is this working for everyone but me? i save as a scene open it and as soon as i pose my character "bam" its all deformed again.. what do i need to buy to make things how they used to be

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    What version of DS are you currently using? The latest version is DS

    What version were the scenes saved in? DS3, DS4 (if so, which version)

    Do the scenes load as an exploded mess, and then saving them out again and reloading fixes it? Are you saying that when the fixed scene is loaded, moving or posing any of the characters causes it to explode again?

  • vip808_e751f31ab6vip808_e751f31ab6 Posts: 17
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    im using the most current version DS
    the scenes were saved in the version before this one, updated to because of the problems i was having.

    Do the scenes load as an exploded mess, and then saving them out again and reloading fixes it? no they would save as an exploded mess and open as an exploded mess.
    I would apply rigging>convert triax weight to genreral weight and that would make it o.k. but as soon as i move something it would explode

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