Them Bones (or, Can I use the V4/M4 Skeleton figure with Genesis?)

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I'm looking for a realistic poseable skeleton figure for use with Genesis. Would it be possible to use the V4 and M4 Skeleton figures available in the DAZ shop, or does Genesis require a brand new figure? Hope you folks can point me in the right direction. Thanks!


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    While you could use AutoFit to convert the skeleton to Genesis I'm not sure how good the results would be - you'd lose the rigging by bone, it would just be rigged by the Genesis body parts so there'd be more distortion as it was posed, and the body handles would be merged with the reset of the mesh (though they could still be hidden through their materials you couldn't stop dynamic cloth from colliding with them). That's assuming you are wanting the skeleton embedded in a human - if not you should be able to use the V4/M4 skeletons as stand alone figures just fine.

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    Thanks for the response. :) The skeleton is to be used separately as a prop, not fit into the V4 of M4 figures. I found a poseable skeleton figure in the DAZ store that fits my needs perfectly, though.

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    Good morning Richard,

    are the Them Bones both addons in the shop, compatible with DAZ 4.5 Pro; the compatibility software declared in the products are quite vague on this instance.


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