Benjamin gen map ?

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I got the Benjamin character as part of the M5 Pro suite; seemed a nice addition. But, as it turns out, the character is incomplete.

The Phillip character, the base M5 character and maps that come with the suite, has multiple gen map options, and the Benjamin has a good general skin map, and respectable face/hair options, but no gen maps at all.

Any ideas how to make up the missing maps for Benjamin? I'd thought to experiment with colors on the Phillip gen surface, but didn't find any way to get the changes to apply.


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    Forget it.

    Get Tyrese for M5 - good buy.

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    cridgit said:
    Forget it.

    Get Tyrese for M5 - good buy.

    According to Male-M3Dia, who produces Tyrese, both Tyrese and Benjamin used the same texture reference source. So if you get Tyrese for M5 -- which, to be sure, is a fairly awesome figure on his own -- you can use those genital textures on Benjamin. You will, however, need to lighten the diffuse, because Tyrese is darker than Benjamin. (Not a huge deal, as I recall; just set it to white.) Then you can save the texture with your changes as a Materials Preset (File menu > Materials Preset) in the directory with Benjamin. You can also do that with the other changes you made, by the by.

    It's a mildly expensive way to get one part for a completely different character -- Tyrese for M5 (NOT the M4 version) comes in at $17 -- but on the other hand, Tyrese contains something like eight different characters without mixing and matching morphs, so he's well worth it.

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