Tutorial for Genesis Morphs?

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I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to create morphs (specifically face morphs) for Genesis. Now that I can use it in Poser, I'd like to try and make a character or two. :)

Also, I saw that there's a Mavka for Genesis. Does anyone know if it uses the same UV mapping as the standalone Mavka? I'm thinking of porting over my Jinx character to it.

Thanks for any help!


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    There is a link to a tutorial in my signature. Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the links! Now to put them to use.... :D

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    Glad I could help! *smile*

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    To answer your other question, I believe it was said in the Mavka for Genesis thread that the new Mavka does not use the same UV map as the original Mavka.

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    I'm glad someone brought this question up and I'm going to check out that tutorial link too! I did have a slightly different intention, however, so I hope I can toss it out there and get some good advice.

    I have been using FaceGen for a while, and picked up the export tool to use my heads in DAZ about the same time I upgraded to 4.6 pro. It has been pretty useful, but the morphs need a little fine tuning--which I accomplished using additional FaceGen and Genesis head morphs. The problem is, I'd prefer to be able to create a single morph based on the corrected head. I experimented a little with exporting the dialed in character as an .obj and then bringing it back in as a morph. I made sure to leave the welding off, but I have not been able to load it using Morph Loader Pro. I also attempted to use the CCT Transfer Tool to rig the re-imported .obj, but it proved to be unposable. Basically, the figure seems to collapse in on itself as I move it, which looks exactly like what happens when you load a welded model as a morph. I'll run through the tutorial and see if I'm just going about it all wrong, but I thought it'd be wise to ask if this is something anyone else has tried to do, and succeeded at.


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