Installing the GENESIS EVOLUTION MORPH BUNDLE for use with Poser DSON Installer

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Okay, I'll start this one up by hoping that you've already installed the DSON and basic Genesis to your Poser programs files correctly and she's functional there. The reason I'm writing this little tutorial is because I had absolute H-E-L-L getting my Evolution morphs installed this afternoon and with no help from Daz Technical support [I called them...he was not helfpul]. I was told to simply install the morphs Exe.'s into the same directory as I did my DSON and Genesis essentials installers.

This was not working. I had installed the DSON/Genesis files into my PoserPro2012 SR3 runtime directory. Everything was working fine. But when I bought the Evolution morphs today, when I try to install to the exact same directory I get that old angry "Genesis figure not installed, please install figure...blah,blah...this is an add-on product" message we used to get with Vic4 and Mike4 back in the day if you didn't install them to the Poser executable runtime. So nothing I did was working.

I noted that someone here in the forum said they got around it by creating a brand new directory and [a new runtime dummy file] and reinstalled the essentials packages there. I tried this and it worked. Of course adding said runtime to Poser did not make my already existing Genesis have any new evolution morphs.

Blah,'s how to make it work:

1. Reinstall the DSON installer to Poser. It will auto-detect itself and ask if you want to remove the existing version. Select yes and then continue with new fresh install after it clears the old one.
2. Reinstall the Genesis essentials files [both] to your directory.
3. Now install the morphs exe.'s to the directory.
4. Open Poser...go to Genesis...load her...wait for her to go through DSON for the first time....and voila!

Don't ask me why I had to reinstall DSON and Essentials to even get the Morph installers to work. Just reinstalling everything worked fine and morphs all appear. I just hope this isn't necessary every time I add Genesis morphs or it's gonna get real annoying.

Also, note that the Evolution body and face morphs are NOT located on the head's dials like with previous Victoria models. You must go to BODY and then to FACE to find them. Why on earth DAZ did that, I've no clue.

But anyway, if you have similar problems, try this solution and see if it works.


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    When running Windows 7 or Vista, you should never install content to the native Poser directory because those folders are protected and can't be accessed. The DSON Importer needs to go there, but the Genesis Essentials are just the content, including Genesis itself. Those have to go in an outside runtime, not the Poser program runtime. And of course you had to reinstall things because it was the only way to change all of the settings so that there were no longer pointing to the main Poser runtime.

    Not all that mysterious to those of us with more experience, I'm afraid. :-)

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