Genesis Expressions and Face aniblocks icons

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I've created a set of PNG thumnbail icons for the above product ( because it doesn't ship with icons, and personally I find things easier to use wihen they have images.

I've got them in a zipfile for unrestricted use - does anyone want to host them? I've given up trying to upload things to sharecg's blasted new interface.

Here some samples.


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    The set has images, they are on the expression sliders--see image. Owners of the set can use my icons too by dropping them into the aniblock folder. Haven't tried to do it but if it doesn't works right away at most you might have to rename and resize them. Like all GoFigure aniBlocks that don't have icons, at the time we weren't using them; my newer sets like the sub-dragon have included the icons with the aniBlocks. This is a good initiative, thanks Cridgit.

    1920 x 1161 - 260K
  • cridgitcridgit Posts: 987
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    Hi Simon, you're right! I copied those PNG's over and renamed them now they work a treat.

    Guess no-one wants my stupid thumbnails now :cry:

    Just kidding, thanks.

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