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does anyone know of a way to make eyes glow. this is a render a friend of mine did he placed a small light right above the eye. but im looking for something a bit more intense that will let me still catch some of the eye texture. i know i can pull it off in photoshop, but im hoping i can do it in studio so i can catch the light bounce off of other surfaces


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    In studio you can turn any material surface into light emitters , select the material for example the iris , and apply the Uber Area light shader to the material , make sure the model is not on sub-d other way it will not works , you can also use the polygon editor tool and select the polygon faces and create material from the selection for example glowing finger ... and your model is ready to glow in the darkness is very easy to setup , as easy as apply materials to the models .

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    Thanks Mec4d

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