* (Commercial) Update to current product and New product preview

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I am glad to inform you that my products Delilah for Genesis and Delilah Bundle were updated to include DSON and Poser companion files that will allow you to use Delilah for Genesis in Poser 9 and above.

If you acquired any of these products previously you can go to your Itemized Order History and reset your downloads.

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I also want to show you several renders of my new product Children of the World for K4 that is coming soon.

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    All the skins and morph shown in these renders are included. The product includes other morphs not shown yet.

    More renders ....................

    750 x 975 - 340K
    750 x 975 - 392K
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    I also want to show you several renders of my new product Children of the World for K4 that is coming soon . . .

    Beautiful! For GenesisKid too?
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    Hi VW, great news about Delilah. Just a question: are there any updates or is it only the DSON files? I'm already using Delilah in DS4.5 so do I need to redownload her?

    Kids r cute btw.

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    Those kids are adorable. I don't usually work with kids, but I may an exception in this case!

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    The kids are uber cute.

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    Wow they are so cute :) And genesis friendly to boot!

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    Kids are lovely, will go straight to the cart when they're out. But where did you get the clothes?

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    Thanks to all of you for your comments!

    To answer some of the questions:

    The DS material presets of Delilah for Genesis were converted to the DUF format and Poser companion files were added, no other change was added. If you don't use Poser and you don't want to upgrade DS material presets to the DUF format, you don't need to redownload the files.

    My new product is based on Kids 4, you can use the textures included on Genesis if you change Genesis UV maps to accept K4 maps. Morphs can be transferred using D3D GenX plugin.

    Some of the clothing used in these renders were originally created for other figures (V3, M3, V4, M4, Sydney, Miki, etc) and converted with Poser2012 WW.

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    Those kids....YES! :D The K4 morphs (even with Morphlet) are pretty difficult to work with to get ethnic faces (other than a sort of generic "African-American" or "East Asian")--these look really great. If I'm not terribly mistaken I see East African/Ethiopian, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern/Arab (or perhaps Berber), Japanese, and Northern European (presumably Celtic). Am I right? :) Are you including any Native Americans? I've found that's the hardest ethnicity to morph K4 into.

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    These morphs are absolutely beautiful...

    Morphs can be transferred using D3D GenX plugin.

    Thanks for your response to people's earlier questions...I'm assuming from the line I quoted above that at this point you won't be doing these for Genesis?

    If they were Genesis morphs they would go straight into the trolley as I tend to use mainly Genesis these days. If I'm going to have to convert them I think I may wait and see how well they convert before buying.



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