Carrara 8 Pro - Buy now... upgrade to 8.5 free?

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If i was to purchase Carrara Pro 8 now during the PC sale, would I then have to buy the upgrade to 8.5 (whenever it is released), or do DAZ have a free upgrade policy if you buy the preceeding product within a certain time prior to the new version being released?



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    The only similar policy they have is that you could get a refund for 8 if they release 8.5 within 30 days. Then you could buy 8.5. Otherwise, no, there is no such policy that I am aware of unless they announce a special sale (usually they do before a big release). Since we have no idea when 8.5 is coming, I wouldn't risk it. They have mentioned there might be a "nominal" fee for 8.5, whatever that means.

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    Agree with Kodiac. If you buy now you will probably still have to pay some kind of upgrade price for 8.5.... It has, however, been a LONG time since we heard anything specific. All assumptions are that C8.5 will be available only after Genesis and D|S compatibility are complete. Last time they made many announcements once they were close to release and they made it very specific that you'd get the next version when released.... That announcement has not happened yet.

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    The current sale at 70% and even more with the 25% coupons is a great deal.
    I bought C8Pro a while back at another great sale, the plan is to get the 8.5 upgrade at a sale some months after its release.
    Whatever the upgrade price may be, at a New 70% sale it Will most likely be low...

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    In my candid opinion there wont be a C8.5. DAZ has been at this for too long not to charge a full upgrade fee. So I see it going right to C9.
    But DAZ reps have said more then once the upgrade fee to C8.5 would be modest, so if it happens you may not need to wait for a sale.

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    HI Stan :)

    I think you're missing the fact that Daz Studio has also been in "beta" development along with Carrara, and that Carrara is being altered to work with Daz Studio and genesis, so, if something in Daz studio is added or changed, then that needs to be working in Carrara too. which means that the process can take longer than a single product being worked on.

    EG: the new Duf format and DSON both have to be tested and proved to work in both applications.

    Daz Studio,...still free. and more new users purchasing content. ...means more development potential.

    Daz could just release Carrara 8.5 "as is",. and then release updated versions ,.. like DS
    but I think the majority of carrara users are prepared to wait until there's a complete "working" version.
    ( I don't think that's far away, ..judging by the current 8.5 beta)

    either way,. and to answer the OP's question,.
    There's no "Free upgrades" policy. its up to the product retailer.

    BUT : Daz3D normally have a sale, or offer period, to launch any new products, or version upgrades.

    version Updates to a single version of a product,.. are normally free, (although they don't need to be)
    but technically speaking the work that has now been done on C8 to make it into 8.5 means that it's a different program, and Not a version update,. it's an upgrade.

    Whether the Updates, and /or upgrades to products are paid for, or not,.. is entirely up to the retailer,..


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