Smart Content must know something I don't

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I've been using a neat little trick to get all my products showing in Smart Content even when I have nothing selected (see

But seems DS4.5.X is doing something funny with my categories depending on whether or not something is selected.

In the first screenshot below you can clearly see some products which contain poses and animations, yet Poses and Animations do not appear in the Smart Content category list. However, Smart Content does display the Materials and Shapes categories (which should be treated the same way).

The funny thing is when I select Genesis, the Pose and Animations folders show up.

So why would Smart Content discriminate? Its supposed to filter products to the selection, and filter the categories to the products. Something isn't adding up here, and I don't recall running into this problem in earlier versions.

Is this perhaps a bug?


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    Poses and Animations have to be applied to something, so if they are set to work with Genesis, V4 etc, they are only going to show when that figure is selected. If “nothing” is selected, they have nothing to apply to and won’t show. This is the expected behavior. Speaking with others here, this was true for DS 4 and higher.

    You can go to the Categories view as shown below to see all Poses, etc….

    Other non-geometry assets shouldn't show (i.e. your Shaping selection) without a base asset selected - unless those products were set up incorrectly.

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    Hi Kat

    Thanks for responding. Yes I understand that non-geometry assets should not show unless something is selected. However, products containing geometry should show. I added a dummy geometry file to those pose, shaping, animation and materials products (as described in the link above) and the products show in All, but the the Pose and Animation categories don't (see my screenshots below).

    I've checked the Shaping and Materials categories to see why they're showing and you're right, they contain products that were setup incorrectly (Cree, Jeweled Finery). So that explains why Shaping/Materials was showing while Poses/Animations wasn't.

    So although Smart Content shows me all products containing geometry in All, if I understand correctly filters the categories to geometry assets, not to the displayed products. My last screenshot shows how this could be confusing to the user: the categories displayed inside the product do not align to the categories displayed in Smart Content.

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