*sigh* And again with the website suckage...

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I attempted to place an order. It told me there was an error processing my order. I tried again. I got the same message again. Then, I remembered this happened to me on July 27th, so I checked my bank statement... Sure enough, I've been charged twice. My DAZ account shows both orders as "Complete," but there are no downloads for either.

In case I haven't said this before, the new website sucks. Badly. I just created a ticket asking for a refund on the duplicate order and for access to the products I just purchased. Twice.

I've been charged for the same order twice on two occasions.
I have, on numerous occasions, needed to log out, log in, clear cache, log out, log in, add an item, log out, log in, clear cache, try a different browser, sacrifice a chicken... to get items into my cart
We can't filter downloads by PC/mac
We can post polls, but we aren't allowed to
I can't search my 3,218 itemized order list without a third-party application.
I don't know if I'm making a duplicate purchase without a third-party application (because I'm unable to remember all 3,218 of them.)
AND sale items aren't always on sale the way they're advertised because the website apparently thinks they should cost more.

Really? This is what we have after 6 months?? I'm getting really, really, REALLY tired of this. In fact... I'm submitting a new ticket. I'm asking for a complete refund. I'm done here until the list above is complete.

So long, DAZ.Over 11,000 dollars have gone from my pocket to your bottom line. After half a year of this crap, I'm done.


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    I just bought something from the store with no problem at all.

  • Kodiak3dKodiak3d Posts: 223
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    Couldn't agree more. The new website is a joke. I can't believe they let it go live.

  • adzanadzan Posts: 268
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    that sucks, Hope you get the money back quickly.

    I just made a purchase and the whole order was doubled on the invoice but I only paid for one of each item ??.
    My download account also show double entries for all the items, wow that's going to be a hoot wading through all the duplicates

  • KaribouKaribou Posts: 1,177
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    And, as I've just purchased an entire year of the Platinum Club, I'm either going to stand on my principles and not shop here, or I'm going to bend my principles and only buy $1.99 items.

    I'd ask for a refund on the remainder of my PC, but they don't do partial refunds. This whole mess sucks. I loved the DAZ store. Now I loathe it. It's like having an ex-boyfriend that I didn't ask for.

  • adzanadzan Posts: 268
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    if you purchased the Platinum Club subscription in the last 30 days they will refund your money or give a store credit - minus any days you've already used.

    If you decide that you do want your Money returned to your Credit Card / Pay Pal rather than a store credit make sure say that in the message to sales

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    Earlier in the week I too received a similar or could have been the same error message when I hit the place order button. My first reaction was to hit the back button and process the order again. Fortunately, I checked my Order History and Available Downloads and everything looked OK so I didn't reprocess.

    I did have the order duplicated in my downloads, but they were in groups like I had hit the Reset Downloads links on all of the products. I just ignored the duplicated groups of downloads.

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    I just ran afoul of the lose-PC-benefits-after-a-refund issue. It would be really nice if they fixed that one.

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