custom printing places for our renders?

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besides Cafe Press and Zazzle.

trying to find places who will do custom printing,
like, shower curtains, rugs, bedspreads?
decor items for Designer wannabes?

thanks :)


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  • zigraphixzigraphix Posts: 2,814
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    Shapeways is a 3D printing service, and most Poser/DAZ models are too complex to print there, but they also have a lot of options to make things from b&w or grayscale images, so you might find it interesting to check them out:

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    This guy : - has a free ebook which lists several dozens of similar "sell your artwork" sites. The colour scheme of the book made my eyes hurt, and I wish there were reviews of those sites not just words taken from press releases, but still a nice list to have.

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    yeah, at least zazzle and redbubble are known and used by other DAZ 3D forum members.

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