whats up with prices today?

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None of the sale prices are showing up in my basket. No I haven't previously bought them. I've been wanting to get the supersuit bundle but had to wait until I had the $$ but now it isn't working.

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    No one is currently seeing PC prices or PC discounts. DAZ 3D management has been notified.

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    okay thanks for replying.:)

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    Yeah, I noticed this too.

    You know, maybe they were listening to me when I suggested they get rid of all gift's, discounts etc. and make the store work. Blame it on me, swirler. :lol:

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    Ya, I went to purchase the supersuit pro bundle and it's $99 now, makes me wish I got it earlier but was waiting to see about the new sales tax

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    Seems as though the PC pricing is back to normal, for me anyway, as I purchased the Supersuit Boots, Cape, Hero Anit-Hero and the Fantasy Bath for the Correct Price, although I am not sure the Fantasy Bath is priced correctly. I also checked my wishlist and the PC pricing is correct there also, although it says special price, which needs to change, unless a sales price says sales price, as long as there is a distinction between the two.

    Edited to say that I also received the order confirmation email, but DAZ still owes me 4 more order confirmation emails.

    Side note: I do like they now have the number in the Order Confirmation email, so I do not have to renumber all of the emails when I store them for future reference.

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