DS Fine after reboot; sluggish and unacceptable (UI) behaviour when restarting after a whi

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The very annoying problem is: When I reboot my machine, DS (version comes up fine and works properly; BUT: When I restart DS after a while, it shows sluggish and unacceptable (UI) behaviour ... All other Apps on my machine do NOT show such a behaviour ... This is VERY annoying because I do not want to boot my machine every time this behaviour occurs ... All my own investigations so far - processes, DS settings, etc. - did not yield the reason(s) for this problem.

- My OS: Win XP Pro

I am already testdriving the latest DS 4.5 Pro on another machine: All the features I need - Texture Atlas, Triangulate, Decimator, FBX Export, Scripting - are now supported; but I am not yet ready to upgrade; for instance I am not fully convinced by the results of the FBX exports I have seen so far ...


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    What are your system specs?

    For optimal speed in DS3 this is how your system specifications (edit/preferences) should be set.

    Also make sure your video card drivers are up-to-date from the manufacturer.

    539 x 407 - 90K
    543 x 411 - 112K
    535 x 403 - 78K
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    Is your operating system 32bit or 64bit?

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    Hello StratDragon !

    Thanks a bunch for Your tips; I had already some of the settings in place and adapted the others; except of that I still need tool tips ...

    My machine is overall already some years old: 32-Bit Win XP Pro, SP3; it is exceptionally chock full of software ...

    Before posting more specs, I wait and see if some of those settings already helped with the problem ...

    Cheers and Tschüss


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