Bones for Conforming Clothes

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Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I couldn't find the solution.
I'm having a lot of troubles with adding bones to my conforming clothes, because they don't seem to work properly. All the tutorials I've found suggested to add bones myself in setup room. So I did so, and I tried to imitate the skeleton of a model for which the clothing's been made. But I guess one cannot be too precise when doing it manually, 'cause my clothing doesn't conform too well, it has different bends from the figure, the result being weird distortions, poking outs and just plain different shape.
I have also tried importing the skeleton of the model, and that's the only case the cloth object works flawlessly. But when I'm making just a sleeveless shirt, it doesn't need, say, bones for fingers, does it? Unfortunately, deleting unnecessary bones leads to even worse, because the whole skeleton changes, bones rescale and rearrange themselves, and the outcome is a misshaped 3d object (after conforming).
Can anyone help me? :shut:


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