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I have Genesis's creature creator bundle installed.
How do I access all the different heads, ears and so forth in Carrara 8.5 beta?

EDIT - I just added a fresh Genesis figure from the browser and can access everything in parameters with the Actor selected.
Not sure why this isn't working with the Genesis figure in my scene since I'd already had Creature Creator installed before making this character.

I had created a couple of my own morphs.
Any idea if that could cause some of the built in morphs to vanish?

I do like Carrara and 3D animation, but I hit so many stumbling blocks that waste so many hours, that it does get frustrating sometimes.

Thanks for any insights.

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  • Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 739
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    I guess I should just be able to inject all those monster morphs into my already made genesis characters, right?

    Does anyone know where I would find that in my content?

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    select Genesis in the scene tree for individual options in the Parameters tab and select Actor in the scene tree for more options in the Parameters tab..

    Import morphs,poses ect from the DAZ library where Daz Studio is installed on your system.

    Also make sure you open Daz Studio first to update the database with any new installs of products before opening Carrara.

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