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Help with Dynamic clothing

nickalamannickalaman Posts: 143
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

Not sure what I'm doing wrong but all my dynamic clothes go through the ground even though I have colide with place ticked. I've tried also tried a cube, still the same the fabric goes right through instead of bunching up on the floor. But the draping does work with the genisis figure the clothing is attached to.




  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 14,741
    edited December 1969

    OK, so it's working right on the figure itself, but acting as if there is no floor...

    What are you using as a floor?

  • nickalamannickalaman Posts: 143
    edited December 1969

    at first I trade a place from the create new primitave / plane .. no work also tried with a cube... just did a new test with the platform in alchemy chasm and it seemed to colide with it,,,,

  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 14,741
    edited December 1969

    At base settings, the plane is just one poly...not going to work too well. You need at least several divisions to work as a collider. Of course too many also allows things to fall through...8 to 12 divisions should be enough, that would divide the plane into between 64 and 144 polys. The DS dynamics seem to work best with 'medium' density/size polys. Extremely small/high density and large/low density poly counts tend to let things pass through.

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