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No error/crash reports possible

eireann.sgeireann.sg Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in Bryce Discussion

Bryce crashes quite frequently, especially when working with the materials lab.

Then the program gives out a crash report with the possibility to send it to DAZ.

When I select: Yes, send the crash report to DAZ...then I always end up on a non existing page.

Why is that?


  • atticanneatticanne Posts: 2,892
    edited December 1969

    Which version of Bryce are you using?

  • HoroHoro Posts: 5,016
    edited December 1969

    Since DAZ 3D changed the website, there are still a lot of lose ends. I'm not surprised that the link is down. Bugs are usually reported to the bug tracker at https://bugs.daz3d.com/

    You might have to create an account.

    It is also helpful if you can find a pattern what you did before it crashes. Bugs need to be repeatable by the testers, otherwise there is a small chance they get fixed.

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