Can I rotate scene about a selected object?

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I am wondering how I can rotate the scene around a selected object...
Please DO NOT CONFUSE this with rotating the object itself.

For example - I am trying to create a fence... but in order to get the alignment right I have to move the viewing angle to the side otherwise the horizontals may not meet with the verticals.

I know you can rotate the entire scene with the controls on the left but this is tiresome when you have to keep rotating and I was wondering if there was a hotkey to switch the rotational point to the object selected rather than the entire scene.

You can do this in DAZ so I'm guessing (hoping rather) that the same can be said for Bryce.



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    There are several ways of doing this.

    Option one:
    Making sure you are on Directors View, using the little inverted triangle on the left of the viewport between the big angle rotating ball and the smaller 'render' button balls.
    Choose rotate around selected object.
    This way each object you select will be the pivot point when you use the rotation ball.

    Option two:
    Find all the correct angles you need and save them as camera dots using the very small greyed out capsules to the left of the nano preview.
    Every time you set one of these, it turns green and saves the position of the view.
    This way each time you wish to view from that angle, just click the little green capsule to go directly to that view.

    Option three:
    Use the View Left, View Right, View Front, View Top options. This is usually the best way to align things correctly as you can zoom in and out (using the plus and minus buttons in the grey menu bottom right of the viewport) to get perfect placing. If you're doing this it's better to start your model/component in alignment to the ground plane grid.

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    Thank you for those... It's tedious setting up saved views all the time and will try option 1 first...

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