Dan Whiteside's fog mat and transparency tree leaves


Dan's fog is a great discovery... http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/5266/P15/#74617

But, there are artifacts when rendering with tree leaves.

the transparency of the texture of the leaves can see through the fog...

You should use the correct foliage shape and texture without transpence to avoid the problem.

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    Hi Gabriel;
    Unfortunately, that's a flaw in the volumetric algorithm - Alpha Transparency doesn't work "inside" V-Textures. My understanding this is a conceptual problem that is extremely difficult to fix.

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    If I am not mistaken it all comes down to the alpha map...
    If I had the product I could delve into it and see...

    I had this same problem using a png file as an alpha and when I switched over to a tiff it changed...?

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    Fortunately, you can avoid this flaw ... Do not use the alpha mask texture!!!

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    Cool! Good find.

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