How to post Images?

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How do you post images? Have some items I'd like to show, but can't get an image here?

Thanks in advance!

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    Under the screen you get when you make a post, or post an aswer, you will see, on the left, "Attatchments" and then over to the right a blank space, with "browse" next to it. Browse to where your image is held, making sure that it is is no more than 800x800 pixels in size, and attach it.

    You can attach up to 5 images to one post using this by posting the first and then edtitng your post to add the 2nd, etc.

    Like this

    500 x 667 - 76K
    100 x 100 - 8K
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    Thanks! =). Every forum is different, LOL

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    Anyone figured out how to insert images in line with the text yet?

    I've tried to insert links to external files (like photobucket) but since preview is impossible I have not posted yet...

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    We've been trying with no avail.

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    That function doesn't work at present yet, bringho.

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    I think that is being worked on but I am not sure.

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    It's on the list along with a ton of other stuff.

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