Create Poser companion files ???

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Hello all, i recently installed and updated to the latest stable DSPro, to try out the new DSON Implementation, and to create the necessary companion files for poser.

Although i tried the the tutotrials that are already posted about how to create the DSON files, it just simply not working.

I even tried to practice with the .duf files that already are installed by the latest Genesis essentials, still will not recognize the files and will not work, is there something i'm missing?

I erase all the old files before trying to create the files i still get the message sayin can not recognize them or the extension .duf is unsuported, i mean really? its created by the DSPro in first place why wont work?

Please someone advise!


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    What version of DAZ Studio are you using?

    The DUF format is anly available in DS 4.5 and later. There have been numerous threads in the forums about creating Poser Companion Files, I'll see if I can find a link for you.

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    Hi Cyberspeed 1

    in simple terms you would save an item in DS as DUF format.
    this should appear in the content library. where you can select it and then run the DSON script to convert it, and select the poser runtime you want this file placed in, and choose the type of item, EG: Cr2, mat, etc..

    There's no need to erase files, ...DUF files are very small, ...and generally, I'd avoid deleting anything until you know what's going on.

    Q: Are you using DS4.5 (latest release)
    Q: have you installed the latest Poser service packs for Poser 9 or Poser pro 2012. (whichever you use)

    In which program do you get the DUF not recognised. Poser or Daz Studio.?

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    It is the last version of DSPro as i mentioned, i just didnt specified the number,, and everything is installed, including the Poser Pro 2012 SR 3.1 the last one.
    The "error" is in DSPro.
    As soon as i do the steps to save what i want to try in .duf, i then right click on the CL then choose the option Create Poser Companion files, i set to be saved in Poser location and it keeps sayin that the files are not of a supported format or that is the wrong extension , and it just shows which files, "name.duf"

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    Hi :)

    I'm wondering if this could be a false error,.. there's an option to convert the current selected file (DUF) or, ALL files in that folder (DUF)
    It could be errors that there are files which aren't duf in the folder.

    DS4.5 is certainly capable of reading and writing DUF format.

    Have you checked in the Poser runtime to see if any new files have been created ?

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    Aparently i had to reinstall once again the metadata for the files i needed, so that they can be recognized the way DSPro wants to,then the conversion works. Finally. I was gettin ready to throw my PC ot the window.

    Although the sad part is that this DSON tranfer or to create the companion files, does not FULLY CONVERT everythig just to be ready for rendering, onl;y the Diffuse map information is transfered, but not the bump, disp, etc, you need to do that manually, aarrgghh, maybe you can i just havemnt figure it out? Lord have mercy.

    Im sorry if im asking in the wring place, anyone can direct me to the right location, on how to do all that and save material presets for a character in poser, or an automatic way to add the settings in one click instead of going to each and one apart, face, neck, limbs, torso, etc, please? anyone? thank you in advance.

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    Right now, the developers are still working on it, and although it's released, it's still in development, and will get better, but,..
    there are many differences between the way that Poser works and the way other programs work.

    Until now, it wasn't possible to get genesis working in Poser, or to be able to transfer genesis based figures, and clothing with "auto fit", and materials from DS to poser.

    You should be able to select a figure, or clothing item, then go to File / Save as, Material preset, and that will create a Duf file
    then you can use the dson converter to make it a file which poser can import,. but bear in mind that Poser and DS have completely different shader engines, and therefore, different shader settings, some of those settings will transfer easily, and some setting won't,... but as with all programs , you can work on the converted shader, and then save it in poser.

    The things that don't work right now,.. will be worked on by the developers,..

    The big thing is that now you can use genesis, and all the content directly in Poser,. without re-inventing the wheel.

    some work may be required to get it working perfectly in both programs , if that's even possible..

    As an example:
    Carrara users have to adjust all the shaders on Poser and DS content to get them working correctly in carrara, because Carrara's shader engine is different, form both of those,... and some settings just don't transfer across, and that mean doing it manually. then saving that to your library.

    One of the drawbacks of using different programs,. ..we sometimes expect them all to work in the same way.


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    Indeed, at times we all expect all to work kind os similar, at least me, hehe, thank you so much for your prompt response.
    I guess is just the frustration and excitment that get mixed at same time for waiting for so long and then we all expect all to work at once. GUILTY HERE. ;)
    But yes its a big step and im super happy to be part of it. :)


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    ok i've finally figured out how to convert and its all fine and all that but my duf files contain gibberish ...

    i have no idea what is going on here .... i manually saved all my mat files as duf and deleted the dsa files i had for that product.

    what am i doing wrong?

    ok EDIT ... the file names you are calling the DUF files cant have spaces in them .... now my files dont have gibberish in them so we'll see how it goes once i've redone it all and then go into poser and use genesis there.

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    Remember that .duf files are, by default, compressed so they will look like gibberish in a text editor. You can uncompress them in the Batch Convert pane in DS or using an archive tool (I use 7Zip - just right click on the file and choose 7-Zip>Extract Here from the context menu)

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