How to make the perfect 'transparent'???

chaylastormchaylastorm Posts: 16

I'm working on a texture and want to cut up the vest and put a tie there. Now I'v gone as far as I can go and have tried all that I can think of to get rid of this 'shadow' where the ties are.. has anyone got any suggestions what I can do?? I've moved the transparent dials up to 10 thinking that might do it.. but no.... :(

I have made sure that the black is the perfect black and the white.. the purest. I saved them all as .jpgs.. tried .png but thought it didn't make any difference.

I know I could just go " Hey.. it's a shadow" but in close up it doesn't look nice.

I'm using PoserPro2012
Photoshop CS2

The outfit is Littlefox's FireDancer for V3

Hoping someone here can help.



  • BejaymacBejaymac Posts: 1,205
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    I'm not a Poser user, but I'd say unplug it from Transparency Edge.

  • chaylastormchaylastorm Posts: 16
    edited December 1969

    thanks for answering Bejaymac. I've worked it out.. wasn't the posers material room at all... it all came down to the lightning.. will have to remember that.. spent hours on something that took only a min. once I worked it out. LOL

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