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Hello! I have a problem of normals, on an imported mesh... I don't find how to "double sided" the polygons, to get back all the face in the same direction!...
thank you for answer!!!


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    HI Celmar :)

    Carrara can flip the normal direction, ( Model / Reverse Polygon Normals.) ..but it flips the whole object.
    it's probably better to delete any flipped polygons, and build them again.

    You Can export the object Hexagon, and flip the normal direction on single polygons, or a selection, then bring it back into carrara, but that may also effect the resolution of the model, depending on how you export.

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    I think the first thing you will need to do, is select it, then go to the modelling room and convert it to a polygon object. Then double click to select the whole figure, under the model menu, there should be a reverse polygons normal.

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