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I am looking for a notebook computer on Amazon.com for Miss P. (that is the lady who is in charge of the group home I live at.) Basically she wants the computer to check email and surf the internet and possibly play solitaire. She said she wanted something like mine, but she did not realize that I have a high end desktop. She also wants a notebook/laptop computer instead of a desktop.

She asked for me to research used computer, but I told her that would probably be refurbished. She wants something good quality for basic use but inexpensive.

I think it would be best that the notebook is sold by Amazon and has the free shipping deal that comes with those Amazon items. Remember this notebook is for her not me.

Thank you


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    What are the differences between a netbook, a notebook computer, and a laptop computer?

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    Netbooks tend to emphasize smaller size and lighter weight. They generally run from 10" to 11.6" screens. Around 2-3 pounds. The ones I had were kind of on the fragile side. On laptops and notebooks, I really think the terminology is more marketing these days. You might want to check out Newegg and Tiger Direct if price is important. More places you check, the better chance of finding a good deal. I think refurbished is a good idea, also.

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    What are the differences between a netbook, a notebook computer, and a laptop computer?

    small screen ( less than 12")
    low resolution screen (720 pixels high or less)
    no DVD device !
    small memory
    minimal graphic chip
    limited external interface sockets.

    Bigger than a "netbook"
    Similar to laptop. sometimes "notebook" and "laptop" are used interchangeably
    Or perhaps a "notebook" could be considered the low end of "laptop" spectrum.
    At least 720 pixel high display.

    screen size 15" to 17"
    medium to high resolution. At least 720 pixels high. 900 is common. 1080 or higher for some.
    DVD-RW or even Blu-Ray RO or RW
    medium memory size
    decent graphic chip
    full array of external interface sockets (at least 3 USB, HDMI, Ethernet, camera memory slots)

    spiffy looking thin, light, fast, high resolution super netbook
    low power requirements, long battery life
    way overpriced unless you need 10 hours of battery life and already have an external DVD drive.

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    @Miss Bad Wolf
    I just sent you a PM :)

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    Here's a question for someone...

    These new Ultrabooks claim low power requirements. That implies they have a wimpy power supply in them. I blew up a laptop once by sucking too much power for external mechanical devices (fan). So I'm a bit leary of wimpy power supplies.

    I had a customer buy one of these new Ultrabooks and later realize that she didn't have a DVD drive. She asked me to get one for her but my research on the Internet for the available small portable external DVD drives that are USB powered were all pretty lame. Reliability being the major complaint.

    My primary worry was that the Ultra books don't have enough power to run a mechanical device through the USB ports. So I purchased a big lunking wall-powered external DVD drive rated highly for reliability, for her because the customer was not the type to be taking her ultrabook with her on trips where she needed a DVD drive.

    Question: does anybody have any experience with, or advice about, USB powered external DVD drive on a low power Ultrabook?

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